Investing in Ukraine

Investing in Ukraine

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Benefits to Invest in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most promising investment opportunities in Europe. Its strong and growing economy, talented work force and access to natural resources make it a compelling destination for foreign investors.

The country's government has a record of reforming its state-owned enterprises and creating new public-private partnerships. However, corruption and vested interests continue to pose challenges for attracting and retaining private investment. Learn more about Business in Ukraine.

1. Access to a Large Market

Ukraine is a highly competitive production platform for goods, services and capital. Its access to a large market offers numerous benefits for investors, including cost-competitive labor and utilities costs.

It is also one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to digital innovation and information technology infrastructure. The Ukrainian government is working to digitize public services to make them more transparent and efficient, as well as create a special legal framework for the IT industry, dubbed “Diia City.”

There are numerous opportunities for investment in Ukraine, including in agriculture, construction, energy, transportation, healthcare, education and IT. In addition, Ukraine has a strong reputation for its skilled and motivated work force.

2. A Talented Work Force

Ukraine is home to a talented workforce that includes tech professionals, project managers, marketing and sales staff, customer support specialists, and more. This workforce is willing to work in different locations around the world, and many are looking for jobs that better match their skillsets.

While the war has impacted many industries and jobs, Ukraine’s tech industry has been one of the most resilient in the country. The industry has made great strides in adapting to infrastructure and technology challenges and remains a safe place for remote work.

The IT industry is a prime candidate for remote work, as it has the tech skills and digital communication tools necessary to conduct business remotely. While there are occasional challenges, such as lack of internet connectivity or power shortages, most developers have access to backup sources and have implemented remote work best practices.

3. A Strong Economy

Ukraine is undergoing a historic democratic and economic transformation that is integrating the country into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture. It offers a wide range of benefits to investors and business, including a strong economy, talented human capital, and cost-competitiveness.

Ukraine’s economy is driven by consumers and businesses, which create jobs, increase spending and investment. A company that invests in a new manufacturing plant, for example, can help to drive the economy.

Ukraine’s strong economy can be expected to grow as the government implements successful reforms. The country has also made attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) a key priority.

4. Access to Natural Resources

Ukraine is rich in mineral resources and offers Western nations and private companies tantalizing opportunities. Titanium, a critical material in modern technology, is one example.

Ukraine also has a vast array of oil and gas reserves. These, according to a recent assessment by SecDev, an Ottawa-based research and analysis think-tank, make it a "critical mineral superpower."

Moreover, Ukrainian wheat and corn exports are among the world's top three. If these crops are disrupted, global food security is at risk.

5. A Resilient Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure enables businesses to remain connected and agile, no matter the disruptions that come their way. It also allows governments to maintain core functions during emergencies.

Ukraine is a good example of a country that has a resilient digital infrastructure, demonstrating that investing in the right technology solutions can help countries thrive and grow.

Its government’s digital transformation has included a modern app and platform, Diia (Ukrainian for “action”) that serves as a one-stop shop for public services. Using the app, Ukrainians can apply for permits or licenses, complete registrations and even make online tax payments.

The government also launched eMaliatko, a one-stop shop for birth certificates and digital passports. It automates nine services and is estimated to save citizens up to ten days.

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